Experiences as a foreigner

In this blog post, I will share my experiences as a foreigner in a strange city. From cultural blunders to getting friendly with locals, I have encountered a variety of interesting situations that have shaped my time here.

man and woman standing front of pedestrian lane
man and woman standing front of pedestrian lane

Travelling by bus or train ...

The train and big bus companies are very well organized and operate mor eoften than not according to schedule.


With CTM it is best to find an agency (there is always one in the "gare routiere", with Supratours you often can do more on the internet than at the desk -> https://www.supratours.ma/. You can book your trip, pay online, will even get a seat number. Only, if you want to go to Mauritania you best go to the agency in Dakhla.


While the trainservice is ver reliable, the website (https://www.oncf-voyages.ma) is not. However, you can book your train ticket also through https://www.supratours.ma/, and their website is most of the time functional.