You know the situation:

Everybody you want to do business with, tries to appear as trustworthy as possible. But is he? Is she? Are they?

Only a longterm relationship will show.

An Arab proverb says: "In order to know what a man is really like, you have to live with him, travel with him or lend him money."

We know the people we recommend and they know us.



Trust and sustainability go hand in hand. Trust provides the foundation, fosters transparency and accountability, enables stakeholder engagement, and supports long-term perspectives.

We have longterm effects in mind and won't go for quick sales or quick fixes.

Will the deal still be good in 10 months? In 10 years?

Good for our customers and good for our service providers and their families?

Good for the city and the country?


Are you looking for the cheapest price in everything? Or do you care who pays the price of "cheap"?

Do you believe in justice? We do!

We follow transparent and consistent processes that allow individuals to be heard. Our partners really do have a say in the business, and we don't forget their environment and challenges.